Best Swimming Holes In Maine

Frenchman's Hole


Located nearby the popular Sunday River Ski Resort, Frenchmen's Hole is a very well-known spot to visit during the hot summer months. It features a large swimming pool set inside a pothole below the 10-foot tall plunge. The water is deep and refreshing.

Rattlesnake Pool


This moderately-sized pool holds frigid waters year-round as well as clean, teal-green colored water. This is a highly popular spot for not only locals but visitors from all over.

Step Falls


Step Falls features several cascades that sit along the eastern border of Grafton Notch State Park. It has been a highly popular spot for decades, and for good reason.

Gulf Hagas


A roughly nine-mile hike will lead to Gulf Hagas, a truly magical swimming spot in Maine. It features nearly a dozen natural features, including four waterfalls, multiple cascades and swimming pools, a large gorge, and two scenic rivers.

Coos Canyon


Coos Canyon is located along the Swift River in Maine. Here you can jump off the canyon walls for a refreshing dip in the river or opt to wade in the pools above. This is a popular spot to visit, especially during summer weekends or holidays.

Dunn's Falls

North Oxford

Dunn Falls requires that you hike along a two-mile loop trail to reach one of the highest rated waterfalls in the entire state of Maine.

Huston Brook Falls

Pleasant Ridge

Huston Brook Falls features a large, round and deep swimming hole with plenty of cliff jumping opportunities as well. The falls consist of two sets of cascades.

Swift River Falls


The Swift River Falls features a cascade set over several potholes and rocks. Along the sides of the river you will find hundreds more potholes and small pools for wading in.

Screw Auger Falls

North Oxford

Screw Auger Falls is located in Grafton Notch State Park in Maine. The plunge sits over a granite ledge and drops down into a gorge. The Bear River also travels through the gorge with a series of cascades, large potholes, and shallow pools that are perfect for wading in on a hot summer day.

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