Best Swimming Holes In New York


Peekamoose Blue Hole — Sundown

Peekamoose Blue Hole is located within the Sundown Wild Forest in New York State. A short, easy walk with lead you to the large, turquoise-colored crystal clear pool. The pool has a sloping bottom that is roughly 10-feet deep.


Big Eddy — Saranac Lake

Small falls in the Cold River cascades into a gem of a swimming hole along with several smaller little holes where the bottom is a smooth rock that feels like it was made to be sat in.


Enfield Falls — Enfield

Enfield Falls is located within Robert H. Treman State Park in New York State. The gorge falls down into an amphitheater that is set directly in the sun.


Christine Falls — Wells

Christine Falls features a waterfall flowing from a dam with a small swimming hole located at the base. The pool is deep enough for jumping into and there is a rope tied to a cliff to climb up. The pool is very small, but perfect for a small group.


Grimes Glen Falls — Naples

Grimes Glen Falls is located within Grimes Glen Park in New York. It features three waterfalls, all around 60-feet high that are accessible by a short hike upstream. The main stream drops down into a small ampitheatre.


Awosting Falls — Wawarsing

Awosting Falls features a plunge down Peters Kill creek located in Minnewaska State Park in New York. To access the falls, hike along the stream to the top of the falls and around a few switchbacks back down to the bottom.


Shelving Rock Falls — Fort Ann

Shelving Rock Falls features a 50-foot waterfall located within the Lake George Wild Forest on the eastern side of Lake George in New York State.


Buttermilk Falls — Ithica

Buttermilk Creek descends over a series of cascades and rapids as well as a natural pool at the base of the falls. Travel downstream a short distance to access the pools and cascades.

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