Best Swimming Holes In Vermont


Bingham Falls - Stowe

Located in the Mount Mansfield State Forest, Bingham Falls falls features a 40-foot cascading waterfall and a series of deep gorges and pools.


Buttermilk Falls - Ludlow

Buttermilk Falls consists of two waterfalls and a swimming hole in Ludlow, Vermont. There is seasonal cliff jumping depending on the water depth here as well.


Bolton Potholes - Bolton

Bolton Potholes features a series of three waterfalls that each drop into a round pool or “pothole.” In the sunlight, the pools turn a beautiful shade of emerald green.


Bristol Falls - Bristol

Bristol Falls features a waterfalls that drops into a long, deep channel with plenty of jumping spots in the area. This is a super popular spot to visit during the summer months with the locals.


Cavendish Gorge - Cavendish

This excellent swimming hole is off the beaten path with this rugged and secluded gorge. This is a great spot to check out for those looking to ditch the crowds and have a bit more privacy.


Warren Falls - Warren

Warren Falls is a favorite local swimming hole along the Mad River in Warren, Vermont. There are several cliff jumping locations with varying heights and large rocks for sunning.


Pike's Falls - Stowe

Pike's Falls is a popular spot during the summer months. The falls features a 10-foot long rock slide into a refreshing pool of water. The pool is roughly 40 feet wide, 25 feet long, and up to 10 feet deep, with clear, olive-green tinted water.


Falls Of Lana - Stowe

The top of the Falls of Lana drops down through a gorge into a stunning and deep swimming pool. The pool tends to be fully exposed to the sun with a gentle current. The lower sections of the falls feature tons of cascades and small pools of water, perfect for wading and swimming on a hot summer afternoon.

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