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The Best Waterfalls In New Hampshire

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Arethusa Falls

Town: Hart's Location (Carroll County)

Arethusa Falls is a popular spot that both locals and tourists visit during the summer months. Two small waterfalls and a swimming hole can also be found about a mile downstream from the central falls.

Glen Ellis Falls

Town: Jackson (Carroll County)

The most popular waterfall of the Pinkham Notch area is the 64-foot plunge known as Glen Ellis Falls. With a fine spray of water throughout the warmer months, this waterfall attracts thousands of vacationers from all over. A short walk down a series of staircases will get your blood pumping on the way back up, but this waterfall is well worth it.

Sabbaday Falls

Town: Waterville Valley (Grafton County)

Gentle, paved trail to a sequence of narrow waterfalls in a forest renowned for its fall foliage. A short and leisurely walk will bring you to the two impressive falls of Sabbaday Falls located in Waterville Valley.

Ripley Falls

Town: Bartlett (Carroll County)

Ripley Falls is a beautiful 100-foot sheet of whitewater flowing over a smooth rock wall. The rock wall is at about a 60-degree angle, causing the rushing mountain water to maintain contact with the rock during most of its descent. For the best photograph, scramble a few feet downstream and add some scale to your cameras frame, such as a person or rock in the foreground.

Garfield Falls

Town: Pittsburg (Coos County)

Located in Northern New Hampshire, you will find the 35-foot tall Garfield Falls dropping into a scenic gorge. Smaller cascades and rapids continue downstream, making it a prime swimming spot during the summer months.

Nancy Cascades

Town: Livermore (Grafton County)

A rust colored pool below the 45-foot fanning horsetail marks the lowest segment of the falls. The waters of Nancy Brook cascade down gray gneiss bedrock before hopping over a ledge, causing the water to plunge the remaining distance into the pool below. By the time you reach the lower falls, 2.5 miles into the trail, you may be tired of the continuous climbing effort already demanded of you.

Bridal Veil Falls

Town: Franconia (Grafton County)

Bridal Veil Falls’ main attraction is the 35-foot tall plunge with water that flows into a shallow pool over a flat, polished granite below. The major attraction of Bridal Veil Falls is the 35-foot tall main plunge that has the characteristics of a bride's veil. Water elegantly flows at a right angle down to a small pool below. Below this plunge is a large waterslide over flat, polished granite.

Thompson Falls

Town: Pinkham's Grant (Coos County)

Thompson Falls is a lesser-known gem that consists of a sequence of cascades along Thompson Brook, a stream that flows down the west side of Wildcat Mountain in the White Mountain National Forest. The lowest falls of Thompson Falls crashes over an overhanging rock ledge that takes on the shape of a gigantic clam shell. The clam shell is roughly 30 feet wide, but water only flows over a portion of that.

Thoreau Falls

Town: Lincoln (Grafton County)

The waterfall is long, powerful, and set in a wonderfully remote and pleasing setting. The ledges beside the falls are large and flat, creating a fine lunch or rest spot.

Silver Cascade

Town: Hart's Location (Carroll County)

Silver Cascade is a tall mix of plunges and cascades that hop and skip from left to right down the southwestern side of Mount Jackson, one of New Hampshire’s 48 4,000-footers. The falls continue under US-302, eventually converging with the Saco River below the highway.

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