Where To Find Sunflowers In New England

Updated: 9 hours ago

Coppal House Farm — Lee, NH

Located just outside of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Coppal House Farm is a family farm that features an impressive display of sunflowers with a festival each year.

Colby Farm — Newbury, MA

The sunflower field at Colby Farm is one of the most photographed event in all of New England. Tourists will travel from near and far to get a glance of the farm's two-acre flower field every year.

Tangerini's Spring Farm — Millis, MA

Tangerini's Spring Farm allows visitors to pick their own flowers for a few bucks per stem, with both wildflower and sunflower fields galore.

Lyman Orchards — Middlefield, CT

Every August, Lyman Orchard offers thousands of blooming red and yellow sunflowers to its visitors to admire and pick.

Buttonwood Farm — Griswold, CT

Buttonwood Farm features a lovely sunflower field consisting of many acres to explore during your visit.

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