• Andrea Davis

White Mountain Hikes Under 5 Miles

Black Cap Mountain

2.3 miles via Black Cap Trail

Black Cap Mountain is the perfect option for those looking for a shorter, less demanding hike without sacrificing incredible views. The trail begins off Hurricane Mountain Road in Conway, a seasonal, rugged and steep road that closes before winter.

Welch and Dickey

4.4 miles via Welch and Dickey Loop Trail

This popular 4.4-mile loop will bring you up and over two summits in under 5 miles. The entire hike takes roughly three hours for a seasoned hiker, and the views from both summits are well worth the effort. This is the classic ‘bang-for-your-buck’ hike, as it bags two peaks with low mileage, with relatively easy terrain the entire route.

Mount Crawford

5 miles via Davis Path Trail

If you are looking to get away from the summer crowds and still get those picture perfect NH alpine views, Mount Crawford is a great option! The Davis Path trail begins off Rt. 302 in Bartlett and is easy-going for the first mile or so. The trail begins to steepen as it climbs switchbacks through thickly settled woods.

Mount Jefferson

5 miles via Caps Ridge Trail

Mount Jefferson is one of the northern Presidential peaks in the White Mountains. A 2.5 mile one-way trek will welcome hikers to astonishing 360-degree alpine views from the 5712′ entirely-exposed summit. Don’t let the short distance fool you – this hike is not for the weak.

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